Dryden Engineering

Since 1925,  The Dryden Engineering Company (Pty) Ltd. has been supplying de-watering , grinding and drying equipment to the Gold, Coal and Diamond Mining  and  to other industries including air heaters for kilns.and the general processing of Gypsum.


We have special equipment  for treatment and recovery of waste from Tanneries and  Abattoirs as well as  Chemical waste, Sewage treatment and  general factories waste.


Some of the Equipment we  supply  are Filter presses, Willett feed Pumps, ATRITOR Dryer-Pulveriser, Cell Mills, Air Classifier Mills, Turbo Separators, Micronisers, Taylor Stiles inclined and horizontal screw presses, Taylor Stiles Reel splitters. Our  HYGREX closed loop drying systems are widely used for water based car paint shops, fruit, tomatoes etc.

We supply Ruitai refractory bricks for the cement, copper & steel industry.