About Us

The Dryden Engineering Company (Pty) Ltd. has been supplying Mining Machinery, Filter Presses, Filter Cloth and Filter Paper, Fans, Boilers and Compressors to the Gold, Coal and Diamond Mining industries since 1925, and later to other industries including the railways, steelworks and fishing.

Pumps, Atritor Pulverisers and Driers, Mixers, Extruders, Cranes, Deck Machinery, Fishing Net Control equipment, P.F. Fired Furnaces, etc.

We moved to Preston House ,  our own  headquarters building in 1934  and it became the group headquarters as the company  grew and we opened  our Communications and other divisions to provide more services and products to our clients.

We are proud of our companies part in the growth of South Africa and our contribution to the growth of Johannesburg.

Below are some  Photographs   of Historical interest.


An Early Mine Headgear circa  1925.  



  Hospital Contract


_Queen Mother with ATW Dryden

ATW Dryden With the Queen Mother