Products we supply.

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Solar panels for all applications.

 Dryden Engineering.

  • Pulveriser for coal and non abrasive material.
  • Filter presses for dewatering
  • Inclined screw press for separating solids from waste water and drying
  • Horizontal screw press for separating solids from liquids
  • Reel splitter for splitting of paper rolls for recycling.
  • Closed loop Drier for water based paint shops, fruit, filter cake etc.
  • Feed pumps for  filter presses
  • Air-Swept Tubular dryer capable of drying material containing 95% moisture.
  • Cell Mill for producing ultra fine powder
  • Turbo Separator for separating liquids and solids from packaging and containers.
  •  Refractory Materials  for the Cement, steel and glass kilns.
  • Wire winders for scrap wire.
  • Filter elements  for oil,  gas and a wide range of  industrial applications.
  • Blungers, Mixers & Agitators

Dryden Communications.

  • Ethernet over E1, E3, DS3 and SDH converters.
  • Optical Multiplexers and fibre optic modems
  • Groomers Hi-Z Non-Intrusive Monitoring solutions.
  • APS automatic (1+1) protection (fail over) switch.
  • AC to DC and DC to DC power supply converters.
  • Echo Cancellers & Voice Quality Enhancements (VQE)
  • Linesman’s Test Set
  • Digital Full Automatic Ground Testers
  • Weatherproof Secondary Telephonebell


Stedcom  Telecommunications.

  •      Panzerfon  Robust   Telephones for extreme environments
  •      Intrinsically safe  telephones for hazardous environments