Blungers, Mixers & Agitators


First patented by Edwards & Jones, this unit revolutionised clay blunging. Ball and China Clay, Sanitary Ware Casting Slip, Floor and Wall Tile Body and Returned Scrap can be blunged in 20 minutes – at least 7 times faster than more conventional methods.

Blunging and Dispersion is achieved by a unique Rotor and Stator. The drive unit, mounted on a substantial cast iron crossrail, consists of a specially designed heavy-duty top steady housing, vertically mounted motor and vee rope drive, to give a shaft speed of 650 r.p.m.

The Blunger assembly is usually mounted on an octagonal or hexagonal tank, but can be supplied ready for fixing to your existing tank. As one High Speed Blunger is capable of replacing several conventional type Blungers, substantial savings can be made in time, energy, space, capital cost and labour.


For the Blunging & Mixing of various types of Ceramic Bodies particularly those having a High Pint Weight/Specific Gravity and where it is necessary to avoid particle size reduction.

The blunger shaft, which rotates at 200 r.p.m., has horizontal arms fitted with vertical shear end plates which can be adjusted to suit different bodies.

The machine is extremely efficient for the direct preparation of Sanitary Ware Bodies, Casting Slip and Tableware Bodies, etc.


The Edwards & Jones Conventional Blunger has proved its versatility, reliability and efficiency in the blunging and dispersion of all types of Lump, Ball and China Clays, Refractory Clays, Press Cakes, Casting Slips and Return Scraps etc.

It consists of a fabricated centre dolly fitted with replaceable mild steel arms and knives and is driven via a worm reduction gear box.


Usually of the paddle or gate type – the most suitable design for keeping  small particle solids in suspension up to relatively high concentrations.

They are simple in design, inexpensive to run and can be supplied in sizes ranging from 914mm x 914mm up to 4267mm x 4267mm. Drive is provided by a worm and wheel gear box which is designed specifically for this type of agitator.