Professional Voice, Data and IP networks Equipment.

Valiant Communications Limited.

Integrating Voice, Data and IP networks

Valiant Communications’ VCL-WAN Access Multiplexer provides an efficient and cost-effective platform to convert 30, dial-up, analog voice circuits to a digital E1 interface. VCL-WAN Access Multiplexer may be used to connect fully digital Corporate LANs and ISP Equipment and Networks with E1 interfaces to analog PSTN circuits, or analog equipment. The VCL-WAN Access Multiplexer bridges the gap between the analog and the digital E1 world by providing an intelligent interface to interconnect the Analog and the Digital.

The Valiant E1 Channel Bank is a cost-effective delivery platform for voice and data services to subscribers. The system provides POTS – FXO, FXS, E&M, Hotline and digital data services – “N” x 64Kbps, V.35, G.703, V.24 data leased lines, fractional E1, and LAN interconnection services. The system can be used as an intelligent single or multi-point deployment. Available with a wide range of voice and data interfaces, the equipment offers ISP’s and “telcos” the flexibility to add subscribers and services when required. The Channel Bank also supports Drop and Insert deployment to ensure maximum network flexibility.

Designed as a networking solution, the Valiant E1 Channel Bank meets the needs of the service providers, worldwide. The system provides advanced communication services over copper, radio, VSAT networks, as well as fiber networks. The system delivers a platform to deliver both switched and non-switched services.