These telephones are suitable for use on exchanges built to British, German as well as South African standards, in compliance with the relevant requirements of SABS Standards.

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SABS 314-1: 1994 “Flameproof Enclosures for Electrical Apparatus, Part 1: International requirements”, SABS 60079-0:200 Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres Part 0: General requirements.” and SABS IEC 60079-11:1999 “Electrical apparatus for gas atmospheres – Part 11: Intrinsic safety “i”’.



  •  Case: Cast in Leaded Brass.
  •  Handset: Hard Rubber with tough P.V.C. Cord.
  •  Capsules: Both Dynamic.


  •  Ring Voltage: 25-110 a.c. 16-60 Hz
  •  D.C. Loop 25 – 75v
  •  Loop length up to 1800 ohms
  •  Dialling: Tone/Pulse (B/M 2:1 10 p.p.s.) Switchable.
  •  T.P.B. 100ms
  •  Last number redial
  • Keypad & Handset intrinsically safe (Protected by Triple Zener Barrier) I.A. Rated
  • Ringing – Mouthpiece in Handset


  • Locations: Gas, Underground and Surface.
  • Hazard Frequency: Intermittent as could occur under normal operating conditions in a hazardous area.
  • Environment:    Group I/IIA     Methane to Hydrogen
  • Limiting Temperature: T6