LINE & Earth Test Equipment.


MPG Series 5 (MPG 98 U3) Linesman’s Test Set

  • Unique, Rugged Rubber Case
  • DTMF-Tone, Rotary Pulse Dialling
  • 12 Number Repertory Dialling
  • Volume Boost
  • Data-safe Monitor
  • Line-polarity Indicator
  • Ground Start

Terra Test Series Digital Full Automatic Ground Testers

  • Designed for measurements in large grounding systems
  • Measures ground resistance, continuity
  • Measures noise voltages
  • Three- or four-point measurements
  • Easy to read large 3-1/2 digit LCD
  • Four autoranges, 0,01W to 19,99kW
  • Rechargeable NiCd or alkaline batteries
  • Check of calibration

Weatherproof Secondary Telephonebell – WKF 80

The WKF 80 bell has been designed for solving the problem that occurs when an additional telephone bell is required for a special kind of environment, such as: very extensive or particularly noisy, humid or dusty areas, outside buildings, stock departments, workshops, courtyards, taxi-ranks, construction yards, cableway plants, various locations of communities, a.s.o., particularly in all those places where a high sound intensity is necessary. Just connect to the existing line, no external power is required, it rings off a 48V line current.

Since no repeater of call is needed (as it is directly connected to the line), the time involved for installation can be considerably reduced and thus also the relative costs, in addition any kind of servicing is excluded.